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With all the exciting announcements, are you ready to go on a Fast Start Frenzy?


To help you on your frenzy we have the new Fast Start Frenzy tracking system for all of your activity after Long Beach! This is our focused run of activities from Oct 26 – Dec 31. There are 2 different forms that you can easily find in your Online Business Center:


1. Brand Partner to Senior Director.

2. Executive Director to NMD.


Our focus coming out of Get Real is to Fast Start Qualify and help as many people Fast Start Qualify we you can! Tracking sheets will help you focus on daily and monthly activities and goals. Trackable items include exposures, RRPs, recruitment sheets (for ED to NMD) and helping people Fast Start Qualify.


Becoming accountable to someone else helps everyone hit their goals, so find some Fast Start Frenzy friends and set goals together. It’s just like having a gym buddy to keep you on track! You’ll love how great it feels not only to achieve your dreams, but to know that you’re helping others do the same.


Keep calm and fast start frenzy on!


Fast Start Frenzy Blitz Calls



We have added some new calls to help you add new team members and help them Fast Start Qualify. Use these calls as a progressive blitz to recruit and train your team quickly. It’s important to note that ALL TIMES are based on Eastern time; for example, if you want to get a prospect in California on a Recruiting Blitz Call, you’ll need to take that into account when telling them about the calls (if you want them on the first call of the day, it’ll be 7 am Pacific time).


Recruiting Blitz Calls (Even Hours):  Starting at 10am in the Eastern time zone, invite prospects to learn about the Nerium opportunity.


Fast Start Blitz Calls (Odd Hours): Starting at 11am in the Eastern time zone, have your new Brand Partners dial in to learn how to launch their business.  Make sure they have the new Fast Start Plan document!


• Monday, October 27th – Sunday, November 16th

• 10am-11pm, Eastern time zone

• Even hours: Recruiting Blitz Call

• Odd hours: Fast Start Training Call


U.S. Calls:  832-225-5230 / Pin: 7325# (REAL#)

Canada Calls:  888-604-4212 / Pin: 4387325# (GETREAL#)

Mexico Call Links: &

U.S. Spanish Recruiting Calls: 610-979-1097

U.S. Spanish Fast Start Calls: 610-979-1218



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