Win NeriumFirm Contouring Cream!

The initial response to NeriumFirm, our new contouring cream, has been astounding – we sold out within one business day! Clearly, everyone’s thinking about swimsuit season and wants to be ready – time to improve the look of your skin before hitting the beach, right? We know that this coveted product is being delivered right now, and we want you to share your results.


“But wait,” you may think.” “I really don’t want anyone to see my ‘before’ picture with this. It’s to address problem areas, and I’d rather not share those areas.” We get it, and that’s why we’re incentivizing this: if you submit your before and after pictures by May 19, you’ll be entered to win ten free tubes of NeriumFirm!


So what do you need to do? Take your before pic, and use NeriumFirm as directed. In a few weeks, take your after pic.



We want to make sure that you have the best possible pictures to share with the world, so here are a few tips:


  • Choose a location where you can ensure the same lighting for both pictures – away from natural light is ideal!
  • It’s important to get the same angle and distance in both pictures – enlist a friend to help you out!
  • Keep it tasteful! Remember, these pictures will be shared, so no underwear in the pictures!



Now that you’ve taken your pictures, email them to Please don’t edit them, crop them, or PicStitch them together. We want your raw photos. Make sure to include your name and phone number with your email address. We’ll announce the winner by Friday, May 23.


Who’s ready for real results with NeriumFirm?

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  • Heather says:

    I hear great things about this!

  • April Tapia says:

    I ordered my firm the day it was announced at the convention and barely got it a week and a half ago, so far my results are amazing but It would be great if you could extend the time! pretty please! ^_

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