Take Advantage of All Our New Opportunities Following Get Real

What a truly historic weekend we have had together! The Next Level of Nerium is here! With so many exciting announcements at Get Real, you might be wondering where to go from here. Not to worry, we have your full roadmap for all of the amazing Get Real content and announcements.

What Do I Need to Do?

nerium-universityHost or Attend a NeriumU Recap Party on Monday, April 13
Chief Field Officer Mark Smith will recap the Get Real announcements, and most importantly focus you and your team on what you should be doing now to take advantage of the momentum coming out of conference. Make it fun: Celebrate all the exciting new additions to your Nerium business with your team.


Since the Nerium websites will be down for our digital remodeling, you can access NeriumU through these special links:


10-weeks-committing_social_graphicFocus on the 10 Core Commitments
At Get Real, we taught the importance of the Ten Core Commitments. These are activities and commitments that CEO Jeff Olson has used his entire career with great success. We are excited to use these commitments to focus the daily activities that Brand Partners focus on.

Download the 10 Core Tracker and start tracking your activity.

• Listen to the new Success Training CDs that include CEO Jeff Olson explaining why the Ten Core Commitments are fundamental to your success as well as download the latest version of the Success Planner in your Online Business Center starting Tuesday.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Share These Exciting New Announcements With Your Team and Prospects

Partnership with Signum Biosciences

Nerium announced our partnership with an additional research and development company, Signum Biosciences. Nerium International now has the exclusive rights to all of the cosmetic dermal and neurological technology and ingredients that come out of their research. This relationship is in addition to the partnership that Nerium International has with Nerium Biotechnology. Now you have TWO prestigious biotechnology companies working to create exclusive anti-aging breakthroughs for you! The first two anti-aging breakthroughs that Nerium is delivering to you from Signum Biosciences are SIG-1273 and EHT®.

US_EN_SIG_Social_GraphicPatented Anti-Aging Molecule SIG-1273 Added to Optimera Formula!
A discovery by Dr. Jeffry Stock at Signum Biosciences led to this advanced anti-aging molecule that goes beyond addressing the signs of aging to actually target the causes! Learn more about this key addition to our Age Defying Day/Night Cream, Optimera Formula product here.


Watch the updated Nerium Story with this breakthrough addition added to our Optimera line.

Download the full video here. Starting Tuesday, you can share this video through the Nerium Communication Center!

The new formula of Optimera will start shipping out in Canada and Mexico on Tuesday, April 14.


Nerium Secures Global Rights to Patented EHT Supplement for Brain Health! 
Nerium has expanded its product portfolio to now include anti-aging breakthrough solutions for the face, body and mind!

After 20 years of research by Dr. Jeffry Stock, EHT – a natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee – was discovered. Read more about this breakthrough here.


The pre-release sale of EHT will be May 15-June 15 in the U.S. market, and then it will become a part of the permanent product portfolio starting on August 1. The price for ADO customers will be $50 and retail price will be $70. For the pre-release sale EHT will only be sold as one-time purchases of a 3 pack. Start building excitement now about this exclusive product so you have a list of people waiting to try it when it becomes available. You can share EHT videos through the Nerium Communication Center starting on Tuesday.

Download the full video here.

Please Note: We are very excited about our relationship with Signum Biosciences and the addition of SIG-1273 and EHT to our product line. It is very important that you follow all rules around sharing this information. Please read this document to make sure you are sharing this exciting news, while still in compliance.

US-EN_Korea_SocialGraphicThe Nerium Opportunity is Coming to Korea!
Korea is Nerium’s first stop in the Southeast Asia market! We are very excited to take our exclusive products and opportunity to the Korean market in late June. To learn more about this exciting announcement, click here.

See details on what you can and can’t do before we launch here.


Access the NEW Nerium Experience Video to Start Playing at Your Real Results Parties Immediately and Use Updated Opportunity PowerPoint for Market Parties

The New Nerium Experience Video and Opportunity PowerPoint will be available for download in your GoShow application starting next week or you can download it here:

• US Video & PowerPoint
• Canada Video & PowerPoint
• Mexico Video & PowerPoint

This will be available for sale as a stand-alone DVD to play at Real Results Parties for US, Canada, and Mexico soon. Starting Tuesday, you can also send out this new video to prospects via the Nerium Communication Center.

Go Through the New Interactive Brand Partner Training

We’ve truly taken our new Brand Partner training to the next level! This interactive and assessment-based training platform will ensure every new Brand Partner is set up for success. This tool is available to all new Brand Partners in their first 30 days and all Nerium Edge subscribers.


We encourage every Brand Partner to complete this new training in the next 30 days! You will be able to access the Nerium Online Training Center when the websites go back live on Tuesday.

Read more about the new Nerium Online Training Center here.

What do I need to know?

product-rebranding-thumbNerium Global Product Packaging Revealed!
Nerium has taken its product packaging to the next level, revealing a global portfolio that provides a synergy across all products in all markets. Read more here.

New product packaging starts shipping out Tuesday, April 14.


For more questions on this, use this FAQ document.

Check Out Nerium’s New Enrollment Options
Nerium has created new enrollment options to help you build your team faster than ever! With our new lower entry point and easy upgrade path, it makes becoming a Brand Partner a no-brainer! We have also focused the product content on our flagship Age-Defying Night Cream, allowing more inventory for a new Brand Partner to use in product prospecting. To see the full details, click here.

We have also focused the marketing materials included in the packs to ensure that Brand Partners are focused on having success in their first 30 days. Click here for an updated marketing materials list.

For the full FAQ information on this change, reference this resource.

Nerium-FirmFirming Body Contour Cream Now Available in Larger Bottles
In addition to a name change from NeriumFirm to Firming Body Contour Cream, we have also responded to the massive demand by adding more product per bottle! Each bottle now has 200ml of product. The increase of price to $80 ADO/ $110 Retail took effect on Friday. Good news: If you already had this product on your Auto-Delivery Order, you will receive the lower price ($70) through the end of this year!


Wow! What an exciting event Get Real was. Together, we truly took Nerium to the Next Level!


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  • Clara Bellino says:

    You guys, and gals, are so ahead of any question or need we may have based on what you are intentionally releasing to make this a wonderfully supportive productive loving environment for us all, it is mind blowing! Brings tears to my eyes to be so lucky to have been introduced and to be in such company, you really do go above and beyond, and it makes me want to do my best, for me of course, and for you, and everyone, I am so proud to be a part of this family! Thank you from all of me!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    EHT will be available for pre-release sale starting May 15, and officially released in August.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    EHT will be available for pre-release on May 15, and will be fully released in August 2015.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    In May, it will be $150 for 3. ADO on EHT won’t begin until August.

  • Sher H says:

    For the May 15 Pre-release, can anyone buy the EHT as a one-time purchase or only existing BPs, PCs and Retail customers?

    • JW RICHARD says:

      Everyone can purchase the product during the pre-release. If the person is already receiving an ADO (like a Brand Partner or Preferred Customer) then the price will $50 x 3 = $150. Retail customers can purchase the product at $70 x 3 = $210.

  • JW RICHARD says:


    We look forward to sharing with you through email updates and this blog when these products will be available in Mexico. Stay tuned!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Yes, you can. The available information in the blog can help.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    EHT is a naturally occurring, proprietary extract found in coffee. It is one of the key ingredients in Nerium EHT® Age-Defying Supplement,
    Mind EnhancementTM Formula, helping to improve brain health and promote balanced brain chemistry.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Renee, the UC $150 price is good for PCs (provided there are no changes to the ADO) through December 2015.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Teresa, Preferred Customers and Retail Customers can order for themselves. Just give them your website. More information will be at

  • JW RICHARD says:

    More information will be available via corporate email and this blog. Stay tuned!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Thirty pills come in a box of EHT. You would take one pill a day.

  • JW RICHARD says:


  • JW RICHARD says:

    During the pre-sale of Nerium EHT Age-Defying Supplement, Mind-Enhancement Formula, you can purchase a three-month supply. The price will be $150 for BP/PCs who currently have an ADO, $180 for BP/PC who are not have an ADO, and $210 for Retail Customers. It will be available for monthly shipment starting in August 2015

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