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Nerium Canada Launch Kit

You’re probably pretty excited about sharing
Optimera in Canada, right? We are too! That’s why we put so much thought into the Launch Kit you’ll be receiving upon activation. What’s included?

Get Started Right!


We want you to hit the ground running. Your first few days with Nerium International are crucial – we want you to Fast Start Qualify as much
as you do!

You’ll notice that there’s not just one, but two Success Planners. Go through your Success Planner with your sponsor immediately to plan your actions – and use the second one for your first Brand Partner! You’ll also see two Real Results Toolkits. Use one for your first Real Results Party, and use the other for your first Brand Partner’s first Real Results Party!

People are tremendously excited about experiencing Optimera’s Real Results for themselves, so you’ll see that we’ve included Optimera Night and Day. Use one set yourself (make sure to take your before picture!) and use our Product Prospecting System to get the others into the hands of your prospects.

Spread the Word


Check out the pack of Optimera brochures (50 included) and the Nerium Experience DiscBrochures (20 included). When someone asks you, “So, what’s Optimera?” you have the answer right there. Let the tools do the talking! Be the messenger – not the message.

You’ll also find the Nerium Experience Opportunity DiscBrochure with DVD. Share these with those interested in our incredible opportunity.

Be the Best Version of Yourself


Personal development is at the core of Nerium International, so we’ve included The Slight Edge, written by our Founder and CEO, Jeff Olson. This book will become an integral part of your philosophy. You’ll also find Building Your Network Marketing Business by industry legend Jim Rohn, as well as The Business of the 21st Century, by Robert Kiyosaki. These tools will help you get off to a powerful start.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and spread the word about your new Nerium business and the power of Optimera!

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