Nerium Spring Bash 2013 Recap



Nerium International was pleased to host their West Coast Spring Bash in Las Vegas, NV from April 18-20, 2013. This was the third and final Spring Bash event. The two preceding events took place in  Grapevine, TX and Nashville, TN earlier in the year. While all events were a huge success, Las Vegas Spring Bash attracted the most attendees.


Workshops were held on Thursday, and General Sessions were held Friday and Saturday. A festive party Saturday evening brought the Bash to a spectacular close. The corporate culture at Nerium International places an emphasis on creating a friendly, lively atmosphere. During the Spring Bash, many old acquaintances were reunited and connections were made.


However, while Nerium Brand Partners had plenty of time to mingle and enjoy themselves, they also gained invaluable insight from Nerium leadership team, including details about new programs, tools to leverage their businesses and tips on personal development. Nerium Brand Partners had no shortage of information to absorb at Las Vegas Spring Bash.


One highlight of the event was the workshop by Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and founder of Good Think Inc. During his presentation, Shawn taught the Nerium Brand Partners about the connection between success and happiness.


Guests only had positive things to say about Nerium’s Spring Bash. Tom W. said, “I am more and more impressed each time I go to a Nerium International function or bash.” Another Brand Partner, Kethmany V., added: “I love being a part of the Nerium family. Having a blast here in Las Vegas. Thank you, Nerium!”


Regarding the business itself, Kathy H. said, “I love Nerium because the science behind the product changes people’s skin, and the business behind the product changes people’s lives. How can you not love that?”


Nerium International is currently preparing for its largest event to date: their national conference will be held at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas. Nerium’s conference, known as Get Real 2013, will be filled with personal development, Nerium stories and, of course, fun!


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About Nerium International:
Nerium™ International, LLC, headquartered in Addison, Texas, markets breakthrough products validated by science. In 2011, the relationship marketing company partnered with Nerium SkinCare™ Inc. (a subsidiary of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.®), to deliver the NeriumAD™ skincare line. These first-of-their-kind products – clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles – are the result of leading-edge research into the Nerium oleander plant and its age-defying results when applied to the skin. Led by an executive team with more than 150 years of collective experience, Nerium International is committed to developing and distributing skincare products that are rooted in real science and produce real results that improve consumers’ lives. For more information, please see Nerium’s website.


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  • Bob Stalvey says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the bash in Las Vegas and even though I’ve seen Shawn Achor in Anaheim and Dallas; I attended in Las Vegas and thoroughly enjoyed myself. This is a World Class Company giving countless numbers of individuals a chance to turn their lives around. I am working at it and I have zero doubt that I will make my life better by being a part of Nerium

  • Oh my goodness! I had soo much fun at the LV Bash. This is the 1st one that I was able to attend fully and I am so glad I was able to go. The training we received was top notch but by far my favorite part was Shawn Achor. Love that Nerium is partnered with him and is promoting The Happiness Advantage throughout the country! Can’t wait for Get Real 2013!

  • Cheryl Bean says:

    I was so inspired by the whole weekend but the highlight for me for when Nerium (Jeff Olson) took care of a woman from Texas and her family that mistakenly drove all the way to Las Vegas so that her kids could participate in the youth convention, only to find out we weren’t offering one at this event. So, Jeff Olson and Nerium, took care of her hotel bill, meals, took the family on a helicopter tour of Las Vegas, gave them spending money and put together a youth convention last minute. I was in tears; had to leave the room when she spoke and told us about this all happening. I am proud to say I’m a part of a company that does this for people, that cares so much they truly change people’s lives in any way possible. God bless Nerium!

  • Nerium’s West Coast Spring Bash was the Event of all Events!

  • I love Vegas! My Favorite part is listening Real Stories people shared on stage on how Nerium made a huge impact in their life. I also love the after party where you merely mingle with different people from different parts of United States. I love getting to know other people and bonding with my team! Priceless moment

  • Shawn Achor!! Definitely my favorite part! And the amazing energy that fills the room with Nerium excitement! So glad I didn’t Miss that! ♥

  • Where to begin! The Bash was incredible!!!!
    Favorite things…..the Happiness workshop-that we are all wirelessly connected through our brains and that we can actually train our brains to think more positively.
    Hearing the stories of how Nerium has impacted so many lives-the new 90 day real results winner-A construction guy who was overwhelmed and offering Nerium to his male coworkers. He ended his speech with ” I have spent many years building other peoples dreams-now I get to build my own”
    There was even a proposal on stage!
    Plus meeting different people from all over the country and keeping in touch.
    I look forward to more with Nerium.
    Judy La Briola 949-690-8789

  • Nancy Cottle says:

    My favorite part was seeing Nerium Brand Partners walk across that stage with their “big” bonus checks!

  • I love the Nerium Spring Bash, the amazing people and the personal development. A fabulous experience!

  • Monique Askins says:

    Every Nerium event gets better and better. I can’t wait to be at the Get Real 2013 with my team and with my Nerium family.

  • Sorry to have missed Nerium Vegas Bash but have had my room booked for Dallas since November! Just heard there is a waterpark for Sunday all for Nerium! This company thinks of everything.

  • I loved the Fall Bash in Vegas. Getting to hear Shawn Achor speak about gaining happiness was a true treat. I’d heard his speech in Anaheim and talked so highly of it to my family that they attended in Vegas to hear him as well! I am so grateful for Nerium International’s dedication to helping it’s Brand Partners (me) grow by encouraging us to utilize personal development tools and bringing speakers such as Shawn to our Bashes. I just wish the Success for Teens program had been offered as well.

  • Nani Santos says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Jeff Olson’s 30 minute wrap up at the end of the Bash on Saturday about the 2 a Day and 10 in Play Game Plan. His coaching tips and words of advice completely summed up what we need to get out and do to explode our business. Thank You!

  • Wanda Kaiser says:

    Hated that I had to miss Vegas, BUT I am working hard sharing my magazines, our opportunity and our great NeriumAD product!!

  • Darla Harmon says:

    I loved the David Byrd portion, amazing insight and tools for practical use. I also loved Marilyn Diamond and Dr. Rock! I read “Fit for Life” 20 years ago and can’t wait for “Young for Life”!

  • I loved this. I cant believe what an incredible event Nerium puts on. So glad I decided to attend. It was just what my mind and business needed.

  • I have come to expect nothing but the best from Nerium, including their events, but somehow they manage to raise the bar every time! The Spring Bash 2013 in Las Vegas was three days loaded with practical training, exciting announcements, and tons of fun!

  • Libby Sanders says:

    Nerium hosted an amazing Spring Bash in Las Vegas! I’m so glad I made the necessary sacrifices to go! Thank you Nerium!

  • I had soooo much fun at this event. The team and I got to get to know each other very well and are practically family now. I cant wait for Dallas!

  • Not only did I love the Bash – and especially Shawn Achor, who changes lives all by himself – but I drove to Las Vegas 10 hours in my Nerium Lexus (drove all the way myself with some of my team in the car) and arrived feeling absolutely great! Not something that I could have done in my old car. I am not a car or a label person, but this car really has changed the quality of my days. Thank you Nerium!

  • Andy Kimes says:

    I love that Nerium is such a family oriented company. I love how everyone wants to help each other succeed. We don’t compete with each other, we complete each other.

  • Can NOT wait for the next BIG ONE in Dallas!!! Lexus by Texas!!

  • Kristin says:

    It was the best feeling in the world seeing my new Brand Partners have their “Ahh Haa” moment during the conference and see their excitement and determination to RUN with Nerium!

  • Gary Slyke says:

    The Slyke’s are already scheduled to attend the 2013 Get Real National convention in Texas July 18-21. This will be the first event we have been able to attend together. This will be Nerium’s biggest event to date since launching in August 2011. There are projected to be 10,000+ Brand Partners in attendance at the conference. Just imagine how many of us will be there in 2014!

    This company is on fire and well on its way to becoming a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR. Want to become part of this amazing company? Message me!

  • What an amazing company! Thanks Nerium leadership for giving us the resources to change lives for the better. Not only does Nerium give us a product that makes people more beautiful on the outside, but this company encourages each of us to grow more beautiful on the inside as well! The Vegas Bash helped me see that this LOVING, CARING, SHARING company is.for REAL!

  • Working my 8 points a day to get my Lexus by Texas!

  • Was an awesome weekend ! 🙂 My favorite part was Shawn Anchors workshop and the final 15 minutes of Jeff’s talk on Saturday !!!

  • Was an awesome weekend ! 🙂 My favorite part I have to say was Shawn Anchor’s workshop , and Jeff’s last 15 minutes of the session on Saturday !!!

  • Asher Stern says:

    My favorite part other than being totally pumped on all the speakers and amazing people I met was havin the opportunity to perform before Jeff Di his 20/20 vision speech! Loved every minute of my Vegas trip!!!

  • I loved all of the super positive energy!!! What an amazing family we are!!!

  • Susie Comte,RN says:

    The energy of the people and never-ending hard work this ompany invests in us is just amazing! The bashes will change your business and your heart!

  • Melanie Cribbs says:

    What a wonderful event Las Vegas was! Jeff Olsen is an amazing speaker and Shawn has some great tools although I flunked the test where you look at the person next to you without smiling~I am not able to not smile at someone. I ca’t wait for Texas!

  • Affter attending the Nashville Spring Bash, I hated missing out on the Vegas Bash. Not missing out again…… Registration for the Get Real 2013 Convention in Dallas has been purchased and hotel reservations have been made. 🙂

  • Shem Isaac says:

    We loved the Spring Bash in Vegas! We enjoyed every moment and didn’t want to leave.

    We are already planning to attend the Get Real 2013 National Convention in Grapevine Texas.

  • I LOVED all the presentations @ The Nerium Vegas Bash! I learned so much!!! As always though, I think what I loved the most, other than the Pool Party, was being able to visit with our Nerium Family the most!!! I LOVE Nerium, International!!!

  • Had a great time! Learned so much! Thank you Jeff, Dennis, Renee, Amber, Mark and Tammy and all others at Nerium International for all you do to help us grow our business!

  • Zoe Morris says:

    Nerium Intl Spring Bash in Vegas was by far the BEST Event Nerium has ever put on! I say that every event…. they just keep getting better and better. I would have a hard time saying which part of the Event I liked best. Every Topic that was discussed was valuable…. if I had to pick my Favorite it would be the Opening 20/20 Vision Statement by Jeff Olson. This opening would get a person that had no interest in business … excited about this company!!! Available to view at

  • Had a blast at the Vegas Bash! Came away with some great insights after listening to David Byrd and Shawn Achor (not to mention having some great belly laughs as well!). Always impressed with our Leadership but was absolutely blown away by the raw authentic message delivered by Amber Olson Rourke! How empowering! Can’t wait for the Get Real 2013 Convention in July!

  • kbsamurai says:

    The Nerium Vegas Bash was the best one yet! It’s awesome how the Nerium just keeps learning and improving in putting together their invents! Texas is going to be awesome!

  • I missed out by not being able to attend the Vegas Bash due to family issues. I have to say the past Bashes I have gone to has never disappointed me!!!! Just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to the Nerium Team!!

  • Karen says:

    Nerium Bash Las Vegas! What a Fun time, party every night and so much good information to grow our business,,, i’m still running on the excitement from it. The best part was the Pool Party, fun in the sun!!!

  • Once again, the warmth, joy, and groundedness of a big Nerium event were everywhere. My favorite part was realizing that Amber is the heart and soul of Nerium. Jeff Olson is some kind of marketing savant; and he and Renee have nurtured someone who is now taking thousands of us places we have longed to go, with each other, inside ourselves, out and about. Amber, we treasure you.

  • Kelly Cooper says:

    Vegas was awesome! The live stream of Jeff Olson’s 20/20 Vision speech was my favorite. Folks that couldn’t attend felt like they were there!

  • Marrielle says:

    I am SO excited for the Get Real event in Dallas this summer!! Working on Lexus by Texas y’all! Yee-haw!

  • I must agree with everything that is said. I did not get to go to Las Veges, but I am still more and more impressed with Nerium International!

  • Can’t wait for Big D!

  • I loved every minute of it!

  • Ariel Yve says:

    Nerium rocks! My team and I had a blast! We can’t wait for Get Real!!!

  • Robert Sims says:

    The first 2 bashes definitely built up to this one. This one will a.ways be remembered from before I got there to getting on the plane to leave. It was a great time laughing, crying, and having fun with my Nerium family. The thing that stuck with me the most is what David Byrd said, “Human potential is unlimited but untapped. Untapped potential is powerless.”

  • NERIUM made a splash in Vegas! First class event ALL the way! I can’t wait until Team Nerium comes together in Dallas this July – GRATEFUL!

  • I LOVED the Las Vegas Spring Bash. For one thing, the top leadership coach in the world, David Byrd gave an awesome presentation. There were so many nuggests to take away from his presentation that I was taking notes on my ipad about as fast as my fingers could go. I absolutely did not eant to miss anything he had to say.
    Then of course, Shawn Achor. He rocks with all of his happiness and optimism. I read 10 pages of his Book, The Happiness Advantage, every night.
    With Nerium, I am becoming a better person, I am becoming the full potential of who I am. Everytime I go to a Nerium event, who I am shifts. I am more positive, more loving and I see the world differently. I am making small changes every day.
    Can’t wait for Texas!!

  • Jen Soliz says:

    I’m super-charged to drive into the next Nerium convention! I love the positivity, the life-changing atmosphere and the empowered people who are taking the opportunity to change lives! God bless Nerium!

  • Mark O Smith says:

    The Nerium bash was of the charts fun!

  • debra wennett says:

    I Love Nerium and the Heart of this company! I truly Know in my heart of hearts that Nerium will give me and my family more freedom and the chance to live and dream again! I have been a stay at home Tutu for my granddaughter for two years moving to a new island where i knew really know one! I want to get to the Texas bash soooo bad that i am doing cold calling and taking a buss to different locations around the island just so i can Get Out There More and share the love of Nerium! Texas by Lexus here i come! I am so grateful for Nerium and our leadership and this big extended family and all the wonderful new skills i am learning! Nerium….No Ko Oi (Da Best !)
    I am Blessed!

  • valerie Holloway says:

    I value the leadership of this company!!! The core values are always in play. Nerium international gives back to scientific research, Big Brothers Big Sisters and to the independent brand partners like me. I wouldn’t ask for a better time, the opportunities for fun and fellowship and the friends I’ve made along the way.

  • Lisa Longnecker says:

    David Byrd was my favorite part! And Amber, being vulnerable, talking about her Silencer. 🙂

  • Nerium’s spring bashes were over the top! Amazing inspiration and incredible leadership! Very blessed to be a part of Nerium International!

  • I am so excited about getting to Dallas! I am registered and have my plane ticket and my hotel booked – so far have 4 others on my team coming with me! See you there! <3

  • I will never miss a Nerium bash!! They are fun, informative and most of all, you build relationships with people that will last a lifetime! Nerium truly wants to make people better! The bashes aren’t about selling more product. They are about helping you be happy, balanced, and focused on your dreams!

  • Terrie Foley says:

    To say that the attendees “gained invaluable insight from Nerium leadership team” could be termed an understatement. We were fed real information; both personally and professionally that we could take home and really use! What a blessing to be with a strong company like Nerium.

  • I’ve been to all of them, but this was by far THE best of all! We laughed, we cried, we related to one another, and we came together as a loving, caring , sharing family! Thanks to all who made this such a special Nerium event! Cannot wait until Get Real 2013 in Dallas!!

  • Pam Smith says:

    Nerium ROCKS and has changed my LIFE

  • Astara Summers says:

    I was in Nashville and absolutely loved it! It has had an amazing effect on my Nerium business. One of my Brand partners was able to go to Vegas as well and her business is really starting to take off! These events are awesome and I am looking forward to Dallas in July! Lexus by Texas!

  • Astara Summers says:

    I commented but it didn’t seem to go through~ We are set and ready for Dallas We went to Nashville and it was amazing. Sorry we missed vegas. I know it was great !

  • I attended the East and West Bashes. My jaw dropped when we first entered the conference hall in Vegas! The space was gi-normous [ a word I think my son Nathaniel invented: gigantic and enormous]! The crowd was huge in Nashville but multiple times large in Vegas. AND, in one month, corporate made significant improvements in many areas!

  • Most incredible event I have ever been to in this industry! Nerium constantly improveson what you would think couldn’t get any better, but Nerium has done it again. Can’t wait til July for the National Convention at Gaylord in Texas, it will best event yet!!

  • I am so incredibly grateful that I attended the Las Vegas Spring Bash. My attendance has given me more credibility. I speak with more excitement, and my knowledge base has increased. Best of all, I spent quality time with my Nerium Family and introduced my Relatives to a phenomenal company. I am very proud to be a part of Nerium!

  • I am so grateful that I attended the Las Vegas Spring Bash! My credibility increases because I am excited about the progress of Nerium, I learn from renowned keynote speaker, and I introduced my relatives to a phenomenal company. I am so proud to be associated with Nerium.

  • Rose Walker says:

    What I loved the most about the Spring Bash in Vegas, was Amber Olson how incredible she is. Such an inspiration .Great job Amber! Also Shawn Achor who was light hearted and fun for all of us. All in all it was a great experience and thank you to all the team for teaching us to be who we are today!

  • Candy Taylor says:

    The potential to change the lives of my family and others became real to me in Las Vegas. This is truly an amazing opportunity!

  • Rebecca Massee says:

    Love, love, loved all 3 Nerium Spring Bashes – Dallas, Nashville, & Las Vegas. Content-rich and incomparable happy energy at all events! Can’t wait for Get Real 2013 at the Gaylord Texan!

  • Lisa Rababy says:

    Las Vegas was an Amazing experience. So refreshing to work WITH a company that invests in you and your self growth. I love being a part of and helping to expand the Nerium Ripple. “When someone implements positive change in their life, a positive ripple effect is created all around the.”

  • Get Real 2013 is fast approaching and I am gearing up! The Lexus by Texas/Fuel for Freedom promotion is tremendous. I have ramped up my efforts and am contacting folks that I put on my initial list. I have 2 appointments that had previously not responded! So, I encourage you to get out there and re-visit your list…you’ll be glad you did!

  • I loved Spring Bash 2013 in Vegas, YOU people are my favorite part of Nerium. And I love NeriumAD, it works great for me!! I look forward to July when I get to be with all you awesome people again XO

  • Debra King says:

    every Nerium bash is a learning and loving event. Vegas added local energy to a already exciting time in our company. Thank you Nerium for putting on another 1st class event

  • With Jeff Olson casting the fine tuned #90 day road map. I’m now #cyrstal clear on what I need to do for #others. Thanks #Nerium for always delivery above & beyond!

  • The Las Vegas Bash was an absolutely amazing weekend! We had 2 incredible guest speakers and the training was outstanding! I heard stories that warmed my heart and soul. I met and danced with awesome new friends! It was a blast! Nerium has given me so many blessings! I can’t wait for Dallas!

  • Lori Miranda says:

    OMG!! The Nerium Vegas Bash was by Far the BEST Bash I have attended!!! The Best part about the Bash was the announcement of the Nerium Real Results Party Kit and the Nerium Funds Development Program…I love being a part of the Nerium Family

  • Lori Miranda says:

    OMG! The Nerium Vegas Bash was by far the Best Bash I have attended since joining as a Nerium Brand Partner!! The Best Part was the announcement of the new Real Results Party Kit and the Nerium Funds Development Program!! I Love My Nerium Family!!

  • Jennifer Price says:

    One of the MANY things I took away from Vegas was the TRUE and HEARTFELT stories from people that Nerium has touched. Not only were these people grateful but they were so very thankful and humbled by their Nerium experience. I use their stories in my presentations and show pictures of me with them to show how real they are. Those stories put A LOT of things in perspective for me. It’s a wonderful cycle….they thank Nerium….I thank them for their stories….Nerium thanks us all by the love and support they give us. And THAT’S what I took away from Vegas. Oh….that and a new found respect for vodka.

  • Best part of the Nerium Las Vegas Bash was making new friends, and meeting old ones! Thank you for a solid event!

  • My trip to Vegas from Miami was a life changing experience, it was hard for me to make arrangements but I knew I had to be there! Then Jeff Olson walked on stage, soon after it was a roller coaster of emotions, encouragement, and reassurance over and over that I had made the right decision to be present. I brought home an incredible feeling of “anything is possible” and I know they got my back!!

  • YES says:

    I loved the Sunday Funday at the pool. What fun and a beautiful sunset over the pool with the mountains in the background. It was a great time to chill and hang out with our Nerium family.

  • Donna Shanks says:

    The Las Vegas Bash was awesome and I can’t wait until conference in July!!

  • Sandy C Maui says:

    This company and product have changed my life! I’m so excited about where Jeff Olson is taking us!

  • Micah Howze says:

    The Spring Bash in Vegas had so much great, positive information in such a short amount of time. Came back with a burning desire to suceed and the tools to do it with.

  • The Las Vegas Spring Bash was incredible. I’m on the EDGE of my seat the entire time. Love listening to the Nerium founders, Amber Rourke, Renee Olson, Dennis Windsor, and Jeff Olson. I love Nerium events. I love the people I work with. Loving caring sharing everywhere you turn while there. XOXO

  • Edyie Teune says:

    Surely feel the excitement of this event. Can’t wait to attend one of my own soon.

  • The Vegas Bash was my first Nerium event. I was mesmerized! Wow! I loved it all! My favorite above all was my (non-believing, non-supporting from the beginning) husband by my side. Our first week after the Bash, my husband was by my side at ‘OUR RRP’, sharing the Nerium Opportunity and sharing how awesome Nerium Intl’ is on helping their Brand Partners become the Best Person they can be!!! Thanks Nerium Intl’!

  • I can’t wait to see Jeff Olson in Springfield, MO next Saturday May 18th! I have 3 men who have read his book and are coming just to see him in person! One is joining Nerium!

  • I had so much fun in Vegas! I can’t wait for our Nerium Bash in July. I am so happy and luck to be apart of this loving, caring and sharing company. Nerium truly does care!

  • Becky North says:

    Excited for Texas! And Having my Lexus!!!!!!

  • I attended Vegas & Dallas and I cant wait for the Conference in July because I love this company it has changed my life and my skin. Thank you Nerium Biotech, Nerium International for all you do.

  • I attended both Vegas and Dallas Spring Bashes so much fun…I love this company and the product. It has changed my skin & my life…thank you Nerium Biotech & Nerium International for all you do and will do, cant wait for July’s “Get Real 2.0” Conference in Dallas.

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    The Nerium Vegas Bash was so much fun! I learned so much and met so many great people. Can’t wait for the National Conference in July!!

  • David Byrds presentation was incredible as always

  • Daye Proffit says:

    The Nerium Spring Bash in Las Vegas was AWESOME!!! I love the unified spirit that Nerium Brand Partners naturally exhibit.

  • I loved everything about the bash in Vegas but especially Shawn Achor and David Byrd’s presentation. Prior to leaving I purchased the Happiness Advantage book and the workbook and David Byrd’s planner and have implemented it into my daily life. Can’t wait for the conference in July. Love the product, love the company even more.
    Thank you Nerium.

  • Brittini Gehring says:

    Im new to Nerium and the Spring Bash in LV was a huge turning point for me. The emotions of hope, excitement, and gratitude were persistent the entire weekend. What Nerium International is doing for me and my family personally and for society as a whole is outstanding. Sharing it with others is a privilege and Im loving it! Thanks for the great experiences!

  • What an event…flat our FABULOUS! I love the company and my Nerium family. As Jeff Olson said, “What happens in Vegas, is NOT going to stay in Vegas” at least, not this time!

  • Eileen Plunkett says:

    The Nerium Las Vegas Bash was Incredible!! We did $100 million in sales our first year, with one product in one country!! WOW!!

  • Nerium makes you look good inside and out!

  • Isis Heuser says:

    The Nerium Bash was amazing! Amber Olson Rourke sharing about her
    ‘silencer’ was truly touching and made a huge difference in my own life!

  • Carolyn Pole says:

    Nerium Las Vegas Spring Bash was so amazing and filled with education, new friends, beneficial ripple stories, happiness coaching, next level growth training and totally inspiring messages from our Founders and an off the hook Sunday Funday at the pool.Thank You Nerium, I can’t wait for Dallas!!

  • Carolyn Pole says:

    Nerium is the best! Experience it!

  • Isabel Ward says:

    Nerium’s Spring Bash Las Vegas was bigger and better than all other events! I learned so much and had the chance to see other #realchat BPs in person! Looking forward to Dallas!

  • Carole Lauro says:

    Loved Nerium Spring Bash in Vegas! Life changing! Feeling blessed! 🙂

  • Amasa Lacy says:

    This was a wonderful event. So much more than I would ever expect. We particularly liked Shawn Achor’s presentation.

  • I’ve attended 3 INCREDIBLE BASHES… this fired our team up! So thankful for the sharing, caring, and loving at Nerium. Counting down the days until July Get Real 2013 National Convention!

  • I am new at this but I am looking forward to getting a Lexus by texas!!!
    The keychain would be great to have with the new car!! 🙂

  • Astara Summers says:

    I am so excited to have Nerium as my new business. The product rocks!! and the leadership in Nerium international has integrity that shines ! The Nashville Bash was fantastic and I can hardly wait to go to the Convention in July

  • I only got to attend one night in Nashville but it fired me up for Vegas! Wow! What great enthusiasm and speakers! Nerium is truly dedicated to our personal development and delivers! Thank you Nerium for giving so much to your Brand Partners AND customers! See you in Dallas!

  • mbsports says:

    One massive deception.

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