Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Brooke!

Brooke EzellI work as the Communications and Public Relations specialist. I write and coordinate our bi-weekly Corporate News and Emails (product launches, reminders and other announcements.) I also work with our PR firm to fulfill publicity opportunities. This includes: managing celebrities gifting suites at award shows and other entertainment prospects, completing company/executive award entries, and writing press releases and by-line articles.


I love my job at Nerium because I have the opportunity to express my creativity and challenge myself on a daily basis. I love serving on a team dedicated to providing the tools to help others succeed. I am also extremely interested in skincare, so it is an honor to work for a company that’s changing the industry. I enjoy the variety of work and the travel, too.


I identify with all of the Nerium Core Values, so it is a challenge for me to pick just one. I do think the value of “dream(ing) big and act(ing) on it daily” is often overlooked. We believe anything is possible as children, but we sometimes become more jaded as adults. We see a big task and can get overwhelmed. Nerium is the perfect example that anything one can dream can be achieved through belief and by setting smaller goals that can be acted on daily.


My faith and belief in Jesus Christ as my Savior inspires me. He gives me hope. I’m also inspired by life—a cute Chihuahua, a night breeze, hope for the future, and many other things.


I have always been interested in people and their stories. I wanted to share stories with the world and remind people that although we all live different lives, we are all human and experience many of the same emotions and feelings. I toyed with pursuing a career as a writer or television journalist as a child.


My favorite movies are Scarface and many of the Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Aladdin. I can be extremely sentimental, so I closely associate particular movies with memories and times of my life.


My biggest pet peeve is when my phone calls, Emails and/or text messages are ignored. I feel if I make the effort to contact someone, it’s disrespectful to not return the communication. I tend to take this to heart more than I should.


I grew up in Dallas-Fort Worth and went to school at Baylor in Waco.

I have also lived in New York City, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Madrid, Spain.

I am extremely fascinated by people (the human experience in general) and different cultures. As Nerium continues to grow internationally, I hope to have the opportunity to continue experiencing new places.


If I could invite anyone to my dinner party I would invite Prince, my all-time favorite singer and entertainer. I would also invite my former boss designer Betsey Johnson. I interned at her showroom nearly five years ago, and it would be an honor to let her know how much that experience influenced my life. I would also invite my mom; she is my best friend, and I would want her to experience this with me. It would also be fun to reflect on this with her in the years to come.



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  • Reginia Browning says:

    What a great job you have. LOVE OUR NERIUM INTERNATIONAL

  • Sharlene Trumet says:

    Brooke, people not acknowledging emails is a pet peeve for many of us. It seems to be a trend in society…sad. A few of my team members are doing what we can to encourage others to respond more regularly. Thank you for all your efforts and talents, helping to expand Nerium’s success.

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