Nerium Unveils New Launch Kit for the US

By April 10, 2014Results

Nerium New US Business Kit

Would you start a home repair without a toolkit? Of course not! Would you start a home-based business without a toolkit? You certainly shouldn’t – at least, that’s what Nerium International believes. We’ve not only made our launch kit easier to understand, but we’ve revamped all of our marketing and training materials to focus on helping new Brand Partners Fast Start Qualify and build a successful team quickly!
We’re not bragging when we say that we know Nerium’s launch kit contains tons of great materials. Now, we want to make them even easier for a new Brand Partner to use.

Organization is Key

Simply put, we’ve bundled the kit materials so that you’ll know exactly what to do when you receive it. We’ve got bundles in our new launch kit to make it even easier for you and your new Brand Partners to get Fast Start Qualified!

Let’s Get it Started

The Success Planner and the Real Results Party Toolkit are crucial to launching your business quickly. Make sure you review these materials with your upline during your Fast Start Game Plan meeting. We’ve included a set for you – and, because we believe in you so much, a set for your first Brand Partner! You’ll also find two Real Results Party Toolkits; there’s no reason to have your first Brand Partner wait to get started building their business!

Sales Tools

“Be the messenger, not the message.” That’s easy enough, right? In this bundle, you’ll find five copies of Success from Home magazine and five copies of the new The Nerium Experience DiscBrochure; hand these out to those interested in the Nerium opportunity. You’ll also find five copies of Beautiful You magazine, five copies of the Reflect Your Youth DiscBrochure, and 50 Reflect Your Youth product brochures for those prospects who are interested in Nerium’s anti-aging products.

Be the Best You

The best you is the real you. Use these personal development materials to make yourself even better! Check out our favorite book, The Slight Edge – it happens to have been written by our CEO, Jeff Olson! This book will help shape your personal philosophies and understand why we do things the Nerium Way. The other materials will enhance your own self-belief and will give you insight into this fantastic industry.


You’ll find that Nerium’s Compensation Plan is extraordinarily helpful in plotting your success. You’ll also need the various forms in this bundle (RRP sign-in sheets, Brand Partner enrollment applications, and PC applications and product order forms) will come in very handy when your prospects are ready to get started with their own Nerium Experience.
Which bundle will you tear into first?

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