Work at Home for a $41,000 Bonus a Month? Yes, with Nerium!


When Nerium launched our Live Better Bonus (LBB) in 2012, the industry went nuts: “You’re crazy! A $25,000 bonus? Wait, wait – a $100,000 bonus? No way!” We followed through and changed many lives… but we want to help people live better.  An extra $25,000 a year is pretty great, and an extra $100,000 is greater. But we’re Nerium. We want better. Even better than that.

There are people who attended Get Real 2014 thrilled with the fact that they had earned their $25,000 Live Better Bonus with Nerium. Imagine their astonishment to learn that, instead of a $25,000 bonus, Nerium has rewarded them with a $50,000 Live Better Bonus! And it only gets better from there:

Live Better Bonus chart - Nerium

What kind of difference can you create when you earn your Live Better Bonus?

We know that there are questions; we’ve prepared an FAQ, which you can access here. Click here to read more

What an exciting time to be part of the Nerium family!

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