Product Rebranding Brings New Look to Nerium

By April 9, 2015Results


Nerium is taking on a new look with our global product rebranding! See the unveiling here.

By fine-tuning the look and feel of our product names, packaging and more, we’ve embraced a more unified, upscale presentation, that will make sharing Nerium’s products across different markets around the globe that much easier for you!  All Nerium’s products, regardless of the specific formula they use, now look a part of the global Nerium product profile.

This effort to become more unified in our branding has led to the following changes in our product naming:

Nerium AD

NeriumAD is now named
Age Defying Day/Night Cream, NeriumAD Formula

Optimera Night and Day 

Optimera is now named
Age Defying Day/Night Cream, Optimera Formula

Optimera Night and Day 

NeriumFirm is now named
Firming Body Contour Cream

This allows the focus to be on the product name, ie Age-Defying Night Cream, while the exact formula included may vary between markets.

We also responded to the massive demand of customers to have more Firm Body Contour Cream to use! This product now has 200ml of product, and costs $80 ADO/ $110 Retail.

Nerium’s products with our new rebranded look will start shipping out Tuesday, April 14.

We are very excited to take our record-breaking products to the next level with our new upscale, scientific, global brand!

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