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Every day people submit their pictures to show their real results with NeriumAD. We know that it takes a little work to ensure that your before and after pictures capture your amazing results. Here are a few tips to help you take better pictures in order to show your real results with NeriumAD.



Always Consider the Lighting and Location.


Choose a location that’s free of clutter and that has good lighting. Remember: the aim is to take your progress photo in the same location and with the same lighting. If the “before” photo is near the window with natural outdoor lighting, make sure that your “after” is the same place and time. If you’re not sure you can take the picture the same place and time, then it’s best to stick with indoor lighting that you can control.


Keep It All in Focus.


Seems like everyone is taking “selfies”, or pictures of themselves these days. However, those may not always be the clearest picture. This is where it really helps to have someone else take your picture. Focus the pictures on the areas of the face that you would expect to see an improvement. Those areas maybe your eyes, your cheeks, your chin, or your forehead–in fact, we recommend that you take pictures of several areas. Just make sure that the pictures are clear.


Don’t Re-size or Border the Pictures.


So you have your pictures and you’re ready to place them on the 90-Day Gallery. There’s no need for filtering and/or borders. Also, there’s no need to use programs that stitch or collage the pictures together. We need you to submit in the individual and untouched pictures.

Following these simple tips will help you make better pictures to show your real results with NeriumAD, as well as those of your friends. Be sure to send your pictures to today!


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  • JRICHARD says:


    If you’re uploading the pictures from your phone or your computer, look for a picture editor on your device that can reduce the size of the picture.

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