Nerium: To Share or Not to Share?

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You all know that Nerium International is a very rapidly growing company. One of the places where we notice this is on our Facebook page. For a while after we launched, we were getting about 100 new “likes” per week. Then we moved to about 200 per week. Seemingly overnight, we moved to 100 per day. We’re now about double that rate, and there’s no end in sight.


With such growth, we have to refine our posting policies. These policies are applicable to Nerium International’s corporate social sites; you are welcome to share external links on your own social forums. From its inception, the Nerium Facebook page has not allowed external links to be posted. This forum is meant to be welcoming to all visitors – Brand Partners, Preferred Customers and prospects. We have wonderful conversations that we feel add value to the page, and it’s a great place to get your questions answered.


Something that’s very cool to see is when new Brand Partners post on our page for the first time – it’s great for everyone to welcome them and cheer them on. As of late, though, the page has been overrun with unsolicited posts saying things such as, “Hey everyone! I’m a Brand Partner so contact me with any questions and I can get you started!” or “ I am selling this in New York, contact me if you are interested. These posts may or may not include contact information. These posts are great if you are posting them on your own page, but postings such as this on the official Nerium International page can make other Brand Partners uncomfortable about sending their prospects to our page. Effective immediately, unsolicited posts such as these will be removed.


Oftentimes, people who are curious about Nerium International will post their interest to our page. We love the enthusiasm of everyone who greets them. Please keep the tone of your response helpful and not aggressive, as we want any visitors to feel comfortable interacting with the Nerium community! Bear in mind, also, that this is a very public forum, and that we are not able to control who sees your personal contact information.


We want our Facebook page to be a community where everyone has an equal chance to contribute and benefit. Please help us maintain this page’s integrity by following these guidelines.


As always, if you have further questions, you may email

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