Why Does Compliance Matter?

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When you joined Nerium International – whether as a Brand Partner or as a Preferred Customer – you agreed to abide by our Policies and Procedures. These are in place to ensure that Nerium International is in line with regulations that we, as a company, have to abide by and comply with, due to federal regulations and mandates. As a part of Nerium International, we rely on you to help us maintain the integrity of the brand. So much of that depends upon everyone’s willingness to be in compliance with our rules and regulations.


We’ve tried to make our compliance process as transparent as possible. In your Online Business Center, you’ll find our Policies and Procedures, Social Media Policies, Marketing Guidelines, and more. We update our blog with these materials, and we cross-post our blog to various social media platforms.  We firmly believe that well-educated Brand Partners are our best ambassadors.  When common questions arise, we strive to address them in a timely and factual manner.


Our Compliance department receives many reports every day of various activities that are against our Policies and Procedures. A majority of these are innocent mistakes. Perhaps someone named a Facebook page without identifying himself or herself as an Independent Brand Partner in the title, for example, Nerium Montana. Others relate to more serious matters, including but not limited to: making medical claims, selling NeriumAD online outside the approved method (which is the shopping cart on your replicated marketing site), selling self-produced goods and apparel that are Nerium branded but not approved, and unethical recruiting practices. By bringing violations such as these to our attention so that we may address them, you help in bolstering the Nerium International brand.


But why does all this matter? Why, if someone identifies him or herself as an Independent Brand Partner, does Nerium International care what’s being said?


You not only represent your business, but Nerium International as well. When inaccurate information is disseminated (i.e. medical claims, businesses open in other countries, etc.), it hinders the Company, which in turn, affects your business. The market we are in does not require FDA approval; however, claims like the cure of medical conditions gives both current and future prospects the notion that we are, in fact, a medical grade product. These false claims end up drawing negative attention from various regulatory agencies and harboring our efforts to expand in the manner that we have planned.


We – and you – have created a strong, powerful brand. Nerium is recognized by more and more people each day. Every positive action helps to further bolster that. Every negative action chips away at that. Sadly, the negative actions do more harm than positive actions do good. When a Brand Partner chooses to act in a manner contrary to our Policies and Procedures, he or she is not only hurting his or her business, but those actions reduce the effectiveness and credibility of the company as a whole.


At the Get Real 2012 Conference in San Diego, Mark Smith spoke about the rhythm of Nerium: if we’re all marching to the same beat, we’re doing the right thing and going the right way. Furthermore, when that beat is unified, the beat is strong and unmistakable. The same can be applied to issues of compliance. If we all have the same message, we’re much stronger than various factions each coming up with their own message.


Please know that our goal is, ultimately, your success. By following our Policies and Procedures, you’re aligning yourself with a system that is in place to get you to the top! We know that this is an ongoing process with many opportunities for education and development. We’re thankful for your support.


If you have questions about compliance, please consult the Policies and Procedures document located in your Online Business Center. If you have questions about the Nerium brand, please consult the Brand Guidelines manual located in your Online Business Center.


Finally, the Nerium Ripple is all about individually taking responsibility and collectively changing the world. This is a situation that empowers each of us to do just that: individually take responsibility, lead by example, and contribute to a collective change. We hope that you’ll be an important part of the Ripple in action as we work together to build upon all the positive momentum we’ve generated over the past 11 months.



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  • Thank you for the update.

  • Admin says:

    It’s completely against our Policies and Procedures. Brand Partners who choose to engage in that behavior risk discipline up to and including immediate termination. If you’d like to report a link, please send it to compliance@nerium.com.

  • Admin says:

    It’s totally fine to advertise a party on Facebook. Make sure you identify yourself as an Independent Brand Partner. Thanks for asking!

  • neriumamber says:

    Compliance is an essential part of Nerium Brand Partners long-term success building thier business,

  • I love The Nerium Rhythm and I love the Nerium Ripple!!! I am honored to be a part of company with such integrity and compassion!!! Compliance is just one of the many things our team takes very seriously so I am refreshed to have Nerium, International remind us of the importance.

  • Daye Proffit says:

    Nerium Brand partners do not need to take any shortcuts to success. Being compliant with Nerium guidelines keeps everybody safe.

  • Compliance to Nerium International’s guidelines is a good thing. It makes a level playing field for all as well as giving us all the professional edge that will enhance our business. Thank you Nerium!

  • Zoe Morris says:

    Nerium Intl. is a company with only the highest standard of business practice which include their compliance policies. It is our responsibility to protect the future of Nerium by being the Compliance Police, in a loving, caring way when we see something that is not in the Nerium AD Sweet – Safe Spot! This protects not only Nerium, but our own Independent Brand Partner Businesses, and our Families Legacy!

  • dayna says:

    Nerium compliance is really to protect us as a company and field for long term substantial growth, I appreciate that Nerium looks out for our best interest!!

  • Nerium gives us outstanding tools to stay in compliance with Nerium branding.

  • Whenever I have any questions about compliance I check the resources that Nerium corporate has made available to EVERYBODY! Compliance gives us the security to know that what we do is protected!

  • Gail Le says:

    Nerium International is all about invest in their brand partner long term success

  • Compliance allows everyone an equal opportunity!

  • Gary Rothman says:

    It is very important Nerium Brand Partners stick with compliance guidelines and don’t exaggerate or make medical claims. Nerium works and the pictures tell the story. Remain credible, follow Nerium guidelines and all will grow.

  • Without compliance, Nerium brand partners would not be able to have the success that they have had. It helps everyone build their business with dignity and integrity.

  • Lori Miranda says:

    As A Nerium Brand Partner I am glad that Compliance takes all matters serious! Compliance matters and is so important in helping us as Nerium Brand Partners stay on the same page to protect our businesses…

  • The Nerium compliance department is here to help us….they are an integral part of our Nerium family.

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    I’m grateful for the fact that Nerium takes compliance so seriously and really cares about protecting their Brand Partners. Nerium’s leadership has all the bases covered!

  • Nerium is such an incredible product and I love being part of a company that is SO dedicated to protecting the integrity of the product, their customers, and the company! <3

  • Nerium is not the exception when it comes to guidelines and compliance. Every company has them and it helps us all to do and say the right thing, day in and day out. One company, one messge, one system, and one great product with Nerium!

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