New Tools to Share NeriumAD!

In addition to the exciting release of Success from Home Magazine and our YEP magazine we have some other additional marketing tools! Let’s jump right in:

As Nerium grows and evolves so does our story! The below assets have updated content to reflect the true Nerium Experience including the expansion of our product lines and international markets.

The Nerium Experience Presentation


The Nerium Experience presentation is Nerium’s newest opportunity video, and should be played at all of your Real Results Parties. We are excited about our new go-to recruiting video tool. This video shares all of the highlights of Nerium, as well as all the information necessary for a prospect to join as a Brand Partner. This video is in our new Nerium Experience DiscBrochure (see below), as well as sold as a stand-alone video to play at your Real Results Parties from now on. We highly recommend getting this video in your arsenal as soon as possible. You will not want to have another RRP without it, or hand out another tool that doesn’t include it- it is that powerful!

The Nerium Experience DiscBrochure


Our opportunity DiscBrochure is ideal to give to a prospect in the US. This 12-page brochure tells the Nerium story in a way that is exciting and easy to understand for a new prospect. Use this brochure by going over the highlights of the 12 pages and then have them take it home to watch the DVD enclosed. It focuses on the Nerium business, highlighting our real science and real results. It also includes our new Nerium Experience opportunity video, which does all the selling for you! Use this piece to pique interest in the Nerium opportunity with your potential Brand Partners.

Both of the above resources are available for sale at the Get Real conference (beginning at 5:00 pm Friday), and will be available online on Monday.

The same story that is told in the DiscBrochure will also be told with our updated opportunity PowerPoint. Make sure you have this version downloaded as soon as it is released next week for your local market parties.


Share NeriumFirm!


Are you looking for a way to share NeriumFirm, Nerium’s latest anti-aging breakthrough? We’ve got you covered!

Check out our NeriumFirm product brochure. This handy tool contains all the details of this revolutionary new contouring cream. This will be available at Get Real after 5:00 pm, and will be available in our online store on Monday, April 14.

Nerium’s updated Reflect Your Youth DiscBrochure is the perfect tool to provide to a prospect. It focuses not only on NeriumAD, but on the revolutionary NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream. It also includes our high-impact product video, which illustrates how NeriumAD can make you look ten years younger. Share this DiscBrochure to let your prospects know about NeriumAD’s benefits; they’ll also love the Real Results pictures! This will also be available on-site at Get Real after 5:00 pm Friday, and will be available online on Monday.

To help you spread the word electronically, we’ve developed a NeriumFirm page for your marketing website; you’ll find it under “Results.” We’ve also put this NeriumFirm video in both the NCC and on your website!



But Wait… There’s More!


We’ve updated your Nerium landing pages! These now act as a great guided tour for your prospects to get them warmed up and get them in the Nerium Communications Center. The new sizzle videos will capture attention and gain contact information; the Nerium Experience presentation (above) provides all the details. We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve fully updated the auto-responder campaigns. This is everything you need for a full product and opportunity digital presentation, guaranteed to knock the socks off of your prospects!

Which new tool has you the most excited?

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